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Emergency Aid

Oct 2010: A dikebreach in the vicinity of Anlong Khong has caused severe flooding in the village.

342 families have sought refuge in our two schools and on the dike around the village.

Active Help Cambodia provides emergency aid by bringing the villagers tents, food and medicine.

All help is more then welcome!


12/10/2010: we have been able to provide two tuktuk's full of noodles and medicine for the first few days.

15/10/2010: thanks to help from Holland we could bring two more loads of noodles to the village. And provide tents.

17/10/2010: the waterlevel seems to be dropping slightly, but there is still the danger of another dikebreach. Which would mean a total evacuation of the village.

22/10/2010: we've installed three waterpumps which are running 24*7 to get the water out of the village. Because it is getting more and more polluted every day. People are becoming sick.

26/10/2010: More people, especially children, are getting painfull rashes from the polluted water. Providing medication and educating the villagers about the risks of drinking and bathing in the floodwater.

28/10/2010: a few more days and the water will be pumped out. But now the need for clean drinking water becomes allarming. On Youtube we've posted a small film:

07/11/2010: the water is gone! As are most of the cases of waterborn disease and infection. Anlong Khong has picked up where it left off. Now we can focus on repairing and strengthening the village dike, and restore streets and buildings.

Big thanks for all the support, thanks to you we were able to immediately start helping the villagers!

This project is made possible by a.o. True Blue for Kids foundation.

Your donation can make the difference.