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Family Support

We support a small number of very poor families in Anlong Khong.

By giving them money for (HIV) medication, providing a bicycle or moto, or paying for school tuition.

Status: running
Start: 2016

Latest news:
- Liza is now in her final year of high school. She expects to graduate this year. After her graduation she hopes to go to University in Phnom Penh and study Languages or Tourism.
- Unfortunatley, we also have very sad news; Liza's mother passed away. She suffered from severe Diabetes for a long while. Liza, being an orphan now, is living together with her stephsister, in Anlong Khong. Thanks to sponsoring she will be able to finish her high school. Something is looking forward to. Despite the circumstances she is doing relatively well. Our thoughts are with her in this difficult time.
- Chea and his grandmother are doing well. He responds well to his HIV meds and his grandmother takes care he takes his medication every day. He is a happy looking 15 year old that loves to play football.


This project is made possible by personal sponsoring, Gymnasium Rahden and the people behind

Your donation can make the difference.